Stepping into the circle


Stepping into the circle and embarking on a new journey can often brings to the surface great emotion. No matter how ready we feel, whether birthing a baby nor a new creative project we may feel a tendency to resist and choose to run and hide.



One day, while walking along the beach in Maui, an inspiration came to me. The sunlight cascading upon my skin, the sound of crashing waves on the shore, my imagination spun and wove into a cosmic dance.

A vision of colors and light captured my attention. Patterns and geometric forms burst forth in a symphony of visionary delight. Points of light, lit by crystals as clear as the hawaiian tropical waters, cast A web of visionary delight.



CREATING MANDALAS and SACRED GEOMETRY art pieces inspire us to step into a timeless space where visions, intuitive messages and dreams become a reality. A circle is drawn, a spark created. A new reality emerges!

It’s all about the light! – Maui


It’s the light that calls me back to Maui every time. There’s just something about the light here! Vibrant and illuminating. Clear and sensual. Simply sitting in a state of stillness and openness casts a spell upon ones… Read More



Inspired to re-enchant your creative flow held within a circle of kindred spirits? Interested in learning to how become a direct channel for your intuition and creativity? If so, join us as we weave together our magic as a tribe of mystic travelers bringing forth messages for you, the tribe and the whole web of life. Whether it is your first time in a long time playing in the realm of art or you are an artist well on the creative path, all are welcome. Keep your eyes peeled for fun and enchanting invitations coming soon.



LISTENing on the winds, I hear a gentle stirring. A sea of birds pass high above illuminating rays of light upon the rich azul sky. Below, the red earth landscape and vistas dressed in hues of rich reds… Read More

Turkish tea and the inquiry of life – Istanbul


A storekeeper stops me on the cobbled stone streets in the heart of Istanbul. Intrigued by my mandala shaped necklace around my neck, he inquires. “Where did you get it?” “From France,” I say. “Sit and have some… Read More

Mandala as a universal language – Istanbul


A Mandala (Sanskrit Maṇḍala, ‘circle’) is a spiritual and universal symbol representing the universe and is an integral part of both ancient and modern cultures.

THE HEART CENTER – Haleakala, Maui


The MANDALA invites us to enter into an infinite space of ONEness and HARMONY. Together, we tap into the primordial vastness of our heart centers in unison with the heartbeat of the earth and all living beings. As… Read More

We are the Earth. We are the Cosmos. – Humboldt


VIBRATING from all four corners of this vibrant blue green EARTH, is a pulse written in the design of its own unique heartbeat, inviting each and every one of us to engage all of the senses of the cosmic EARTH MOTHER. From scents, to tastes, to the energetic and emotional exchanges, we have an opportunity to awaken our consciousness to fully embody who and what we truly are.