Stepping into the circle

Stepping into the circle and embarking on a new journey takes great courage and strength. No matter how ready we may feel, whether it is the birth of a new baby or a new creative project coming forth, we may feel some kind of resistance. Sometimes moments feel like we are moving a boulder up a hill or perhaps swimming upstream without a paddle. We continue to push forward, though at some point we see that the force is much too strong. So then we soften. We begin to let go. Perhaps, we allow ourselves to fully release the pressure and allow for something to new to emerge, naturally and spontaneously.

And of course, there are those magical inspired moments where we feel lifted, carried forward by a sense of spirit beyond what our mind can grasp. We get out of the way as a feeling of liberation and freedom washes over us.

In the moments of great surrender, our hearts open and our minds free us from any form of limitation. Carried wholeheartedly on the winds of change and transformation.

Ready or not, sometimes we just need to rip off the old bandaid, dive in and go for it! We may feel those racing heart and thumping palpitations at first, but in the moment we jump through the hoops, we feel this absolute trust and intuitive knowing that something really important is about to happen. And then, one, two, three we take that leap of faith! And there is no going back! The shift has occurred. We have changed in some way. Hopefully, for the better.

It can be quite exciting springing forward and experiencing all life has to offer. Stepping into the circle can be truly empowering. Just as it is empowering to know when it’s time to rest and rejuvenate. Stepping into the circle allows for ones authentic nature to emerge. To stand in a place of power is one of the most important things we can do. The greatest gift that we can offer to ourselves is that we are perfect just the way we are as so is each moment. We can be assured that if we missed our mark the first time, our next opportunity will circle back again.

A circle is infinite in nature as it has no beginning or end. It is infinite, like a mandala. One that expands, contracts and ripples out beyond time and space. Growing and stretching expanding and contracting, we make the journey towards the center and radiate in all directions.

Continuing on and beginning again, we weave a new tapestry. A new life. New beginnings.


AliSun Trees