Stepping into the circle

Stepping into the circle and embarking on a new journey can often brings to the surface great emotion. No matter how ready we feel, whether its the birth of a new baby or a new creative project we may feel a tendency to resist and choose to run and hide. And, then there are those moments that lift us up and carry us forward no matter what edge we are climbing. Its in those moments of great surrender where we follow the call of our hearts and something much greater, allowing a deep surrender and flow with the present moment.

Having experienced the whole spectrum, and everything in between, I can say with complete confidence that sometimes you just have to dive in and go for it! Listen for those heart thumping palpitations and trust that something really important is about to happen. And then, one, two, three you take that leap of faith!

It can be quite exciting moving forward and experiencing what life has to offer. Stepping into the circle can be truly empowering. Just as it is empowering to know when it’s your time to rest and rejuvenate.

The greatest gift that we can offer to ourselves is that we are perfect just the way we are and that we are exactly where we are meant to be at this moment in time. When we free ourselves from the limitations we had once set for ourselves, we truly move forward with ease and grace. When we truly feel supportive, we grow in volumes. The moment we feel and know that we have the power of choice, we become true free spirits. So, why not just go for it!

Stepping into the circle is all about allowing ones authentic dance to emerge. To stand in a place of power.

A circle is infinite in nature as it has no beginning or end. In essence, it is infinite much like a mandala, that expands in, stretches beyond all ideas of time and space. Growing and stretching expanding and contracting, we make the journey towards the center and radiate back outwards. It’s a dance of the inner and outer worlds coming into harmony and balance.

Continuing on and beginning again, we weave a new tapestry within the circle.