It’s all about the light! – Maui

It’s the light that calls me back to Maui every time. There’s just something about the light here! Vibrant and illuminating. Clear and sensual. Simply sitting in a state of stillness and openness casts a spell upon ones awareness, opening the doors to luminous perception. It’s often a happy and often giggly state of being.

See for yourself. Want to play?

Find a window to look out. Or, better yet, go sit out in the sunshine! Or if your at work and you really want to play, now, choose a beautiful photo that speaks to you at this moment. Perhaps a beach scene or something cascading natural sunlight. Or, simply, place it in your field by visualizing it. It’s fun to use our imaginations!

Next. Close your eyes for a moment. Calm your emotions. Clear your mind of any thoughts. Open your heart. It’s that simple. Yea, it takes practice, but you can do it! It will just happen naturally once you have it!

Now. Open your eyes and sit with the image before you, either in nature or on your screen. Whatever is natural and available for you right now. Soften your eyes. And focus upon your joy. What brings you joy in this moment? Feel your body? How does your heart feel? Any sensations? Follow the sensations. Feel your heart open through your expression of joy and happiness. Sit with the feeling. Feel it tangibly on your skin and bask in the light it brings.

You will notice a conversation begin to emerge. Simply allow it to happen. It will be a moment just for you!

Now, let’s remember we are first and foremost beings of light. We come from the light. We are of the light. So, let’s take a moment and breathe in the light.

So, you may as….why is this all so important to know and practice at this time?

Well, It is a time of cleansing and renewal as we open to a new reality, or new earth, here on Planet Earth. The truth, is that the whole Universe(s) is shifting.

And because of this It is a time of fully choosing how we want to be in the world. Owning our uniqueness in the world and reclaiming our gifts and sense of purpose for being here is where we are at in your evolution as human beings. Let’s face it, up for us, right now!

Know that we are fully supported to embrace this way of being this now. And it is important that we know that we are supported by the light and the whole web of life, from the elements and elementals to the angels and archangels and everything in between. It’s all one on the same! Simply different reflections of the ONE! Wouldn’t you say?

Why I have chosen Maui in this time of integration is because it truly holds the vibration of the heart chakra of the planet. The love vibration. The fifth dimension fully expressed in reality. You can see it in the people, you can taste it in the vibrant foods maui grown, as well as feeling it among the spirits of the land. It is deeply nourishing to be here.

As so, there are other deeply healing and inspiring places on the planet that are highly spirited that speaks to our souls right now. You are most likely, resting right there on it’s very roots.

So, let’s celebrate where we are in this moment and embrace the light of the day wherever we are!