THE HEART CENTER – Haleakala, Maui

The MANDALA invites us to enter into an infinite space of ONEness and HARMONY.

Together, we tap into the primordial vastness of our heart centers in unison with the heartbeat of the earth and all living beings.

As a united circle we awaken the universal heart of ALL…

Sovereign beings of love and light, we stand together. We are here to create one central heart in harmony with the earth, humanity, universe and all seen and unseen.

We inspire our hearts and clear our minds
as we enter the circle…
We offer thanks and gratitude.
This is how we honor all life.

We offer prayers and gifts of gratitude for a space shared with all beings from a place of love and respect.

With a feeling of wakefulness and openness, receptivity and trust,
we take one giant leap forward

We will enter a new perspective and feel a new shift within.

Connecting with open hearts and minds, with intention
As ONE beating harmonious mandala of peace and love.

Mahalo we say here in Hawaii. Thank You.