Just as a MANDALA is vast and infinite in its creative expression, so too, is the nature of

Following a sabbatical in the life of, something new is emerging! Perhaps that potent little seed once planted from the heart of Venice Beach many moons ago is on its way to bloom! Everything is cyclical, after all!

Art for me has always been an energetic, visceral, down-to-earth dance with the cosmos. In the process of creating mandalas and luminous symbols the past two decades, I began to experience a series of  quantum shifts that have led me to places far beyond the structure of a canvas.

Each art form, pulsating with light and energy, informs life. Illuminates our minds. Inspires us. Moves us in spontaneous ways. Channeled states often occur when in the flow, the zone the creative process. In 2017, all artwork @ combusted into flames at the heart of the Thomas Fire. 100 drawings and paintings left this physical plane forever. The great teacher, impermanence, stepped in to sweep the temple, lighten the load while shaking up the footing of the life I grew accustomed to.

New life sprouted, just as new growth follows fire in the forest. Living in accordance to the rhythms of nature in synch with the planetary archetypes moving through space in a spiral dance has become something of a true north.

The planetary offerings by AliSun Trees aka Auntie Owl are now well on their way. Visit, the Sistar site for more information.