We are the Earth. We are the Cosmos. – Humboldt

VIBRATING from all four corners of this vibrant blue green EARTH,is a pulse imprinted in the design of its very own unique heartbeat. This very pulse flows within each and everyone one of us in harmony with the Infinite Universe as written in the very strands of our DNA.

How incredibly amazing it is that we have within us the inherent codes and keys of the universe imprinted in the strands of our very own DNA. How magical it is that the elements of nature are replicated in the cellular structure of our human design. The water, the air, the fire, the earth and ether are flowing through our cells just as is through the cellular structures of the trees, the rivers, the sun and the moon. Within us, rests the heartbeat of the living breathing earth mother as is the stars in the sky.

Ok. We know all this, right? At least, in our minds. But how often do we fully invite and embody the gifts of mother nature into the stream of our consciousness and physical bodies? We are magnificent universal beings of love and light in the form of a human being. As much as we are etheric, light beings, we are also of the earth. As we tune in to the frequencies and vibrations of the earth, becoming one with all of existence, we have the capacity to reawaken our most valuable resources that have been right there all along, living and breathing within the very strands of our unique DNA.

TODAY, is the Mayan Day, Q’anil. The MAYAN CALENDAR has a twenty day calendar cycle that was created by the Ancient Maya, as a result of their keen eye and observations In relationship with the Universe. The symbol and design of Q’anil is a star. The animal guide is a rabbit. It is a wonderful day to feel the fertility of our existence in harmony with the Universe, flowing through and enlivening every cell of our beings.