Hello! I AM ALISUN TREES. aka Auntie Owl.

I am an intuitive guide and space holder for personal and planetary shifts.

I  creatively express myself through the visual arts and as a bridge for authentically woven experiences.

One of my greatest joys is living in ecstatic communion with the natural world. Touching that divine spark and intelligence that pulses through you and me, everyone and everything.

Astrology and the Tarot have become amazing and insightful tools upon my most auspicious unconventional path. I am blown away by the myraid of ways we weave the threads and tales of signs and synchronicities.

I am am an avid student of Astrology. Astro-Herbalism. Folk Medicine. I am inspired by the rhythms of nature and the stars in the sky. I am a full fledged tree hugger!

From the very beginning of life, I developed a rather unique relationship with the natural world. The sacred dreamtime being one of the primary portals and pathways for my first “spontaneous openings.”

From my earliest beginnings, I would close my eyes with covered hands seeing and sensing a world of color and energy naturally pulsating from the top of my crown to the root of the earth. My dreams and visual mediations have always inspired me to journey into the realms of spirit, weaving a world of ecstatic visions and infinite possibilities.

Rich and rewarding Life Experiences continue to grow and weave me in countless ways. Great adventures leading me all around-the-world, digital nomadism, a plant spirit medicine apprenticeship as well as offering group meditations atop a most beloved meditation center in Ojai California have been rather other worldly experiences. WoW! It sure has been an incredible journey.