Hi! I am AliSun Trees aka “Auntie Owl.

artist – planetary guide – practicing astrologer – artist – plant apprentice – traveler – avid dreamer

My greatest joy is to be a creative spark and catalyst for spontaneous openings! I am an intuitive guide for personal and planetary shifts. I creatively express myself as a visual artist and guide/space holder. One of my greatest joys is living in ecstatic joy and communion with the natural world. Touching that divine spark  and intelligence that pulses through you, me, everyone and everything bring me great joy!

Astrology, Reiki, and the Oracle arts have been insightful tools upon my journey. I am an avid student of Astrology learning from a well-rounded array of amazing allies, teachers and peers! I have a background in Astro-Herbalism and Folk Medicine.

From an early age, I developed a rather unique relationship with the natural world. The dreamtime as well as daily meditations were the primary portals and pathways for receiving guidance as well as direct experience with All That Is.

Rich and rewarding life experiences continually guide the way, growing and weaving my path in countless creative ways! From epic travels around the world, to an incredibly beautiful plant spirit apprenticeship, to living and guiding meditations atop a well loved meditation center among the vortices of Ojai, California have all colored and shaped my path and purpose!

My life long Quest to remember, rekindle and rewild is the creative spark that inspires me to be a creative catalyst for spontaneous openings and synchronicities to be celebrated!