Settling into a spot on the ridge above, I enjoy a moment of solitude from the active forest floor below. Tuning in, fully present in the space, I feel a stirring and buzzing sensation within. The pulse of the earth is strong yet slow and deep.

Images appearing and reflecting a vision, I take in a deep slow inhalation followed with a nice long exhalation. I listen quietly. A knowing and expanded awareness fills my consciousness. My reality shifts.

My bones softening, my skin stretching, an ancient layer surfaces, mirroring to me what I am most ready to see. Naturally and spontaneously lifting and dancing into the abyss, this lifelong well attended skin once etched into my very soul, now lifts.

With loving intention, I feel and witness this shedding of the skin spontaneously combusting back into stardust. Nourished with a wonderful glow and sparkle of immense gratitude and appreciation, I welcome the newly formed reality, happily releasing the stories of the past.

Integrating my new reality, I scan the forest. My eyes now meeting those of Tyler’s. My life partner. Husband. Soul mate. He is sitting by a tree just south of the path. We nod a glance, and flash a cue letting the other know we are ready to make our way down the trail together.

As we begin to make our way out of the grove, I remember something important. Something I almost forgot! I take my bag from upon my shoulders and swing it out in front of me. I unzip it. Inside is a little woven pouch with natural gems inside. “We can share a blessing with the forest.” I have been listening for the perfect spot. How wonderful that it is here in Stout Grove. I ask Tyler if he would like to join me in an offering for our dear forest friends. Happy to participate, he enthusiastically responds and comes closer.

Here among this sacred grove, where some of the eldest redwoods upon Mother Earth exist, we offer a peace offering. In celebration of love and graciousness, unity and harmony, we each take a turn to share a blessing. From the palm of my hand, we each take a small bundle of rosemary and crystalline stones that have traveled with us since our travels in New Mexico. With intentions of peace, love and unity among the planet, we place the gems along the spine of the fallen ancient and timeless redwood tree. It is time to say farewell to our forest friends and be on our way.


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