Standing at the entrance of the Mayan temple, I take a moment to tune into the land and the spirit of the temple. Inspired by the luminous green grasses, vibrant sunlight and the nature of the blue skies, I bask in the beauty of this ancient land.

A soft and gentle whispering of the winds tickle my ear. A gust of wind ushers me forward.

In the distance I see an ancient and prominent stone formation set in the center of a wide ceremonial space. I hear the call of the spirits and walk out to the center of the sacred site to make contact. I ask permission to stand upon its rocky surface, following ceremonial protocol, I feel is of a respectful nature.

Waiting for a sign, to follow forth, I feel a gentle tickle upon on my skin. “Thank You, I say. It’s nice to meet you.”

Standing still, feeling centered And connected with the land, I suddenly feel a warm buzzing sensation cultivating and entering my energy field. I invite the energy to move through me, tuning me into its vibrational presence.

Tuning into the rich land and the ancestral spirits, I stretch my arms out reaching up for the sky. A radiant light cascades over me, continuing to offer me an imprint of the golden light bathing my whole body. Spiralling and rising through the soles of my feet, I feel a current of energy rising and lifting from head to toe.

Making sure my feet feel firmly planted on the earth, I continue to open, receiving a deep connection with the earths energy. My ears open and receive the voice of the ancient earth. She speaks to me in a way I can hear. In her way, she begins to teach me how to anchor the light that I am experiencing. While feeling the energies, I expand my energy field and lift into an expansive state. I enter into a dance of absolute oneness.

Next, A point of light moves towards me and gently caresses my third eye, illuminating my vision. I feel my sense of ego slip and melt away, leaving me standing there in a space of clarity and reenchanted vision. A sensation of this light expands further radiating to touch all of my energy centers.

I receive a message in her teaching. One that connects me to my purpose. To my passion. And how I can share and be of service by offering this light. I hear to to say a prayer for humanity as we lift any illusions of seperation. And to bring together collectives to radiate this light beyond all dimensions of time and space. All humanity. Past, Present, Future, as ONE.

May it be So. And so it is.