Planetary Shifts

In these times of extraordinary evolutionary jumps and planetary shifts, we have the opportunity to grow and expand in new ways. As we navigate our lives, personally & collectively we notice that as we let go of the old structures of our lives, we become more available to the new energies that are streaming through our consciousness. Drawing on the beauty and intelligence of the natural world, we have the capacity to live in harmony and in divine flow with the movement of the planets, the seasonal cycles and all expressions of nature. An aliveness fills us as we continue this journey in life, discovering how impactful each moment truly is.

“The mandala draws us closer to the understanding that we are like structures made of sand -temporary, short term, and unique.  There will never be someone exactly like us in the world. Creating a sand mandala gives the feeling of a slow but constant flow that cannot be stopped. We allow the creation to be built, to be, to change and to disappear. So, we too, are temporarily present in the material world, undergoing continuous change. Creating a sand mandala allows us to be here and now, observing change and accepting it with love. The feeling of the sand in our hands returns us to our childhood, to be directly in touch with the earth, nature, and the joy of playing….” book The Mandala Way by Eitan Kedmy